Soaps Electrics Air & Ice specialises in the design and installation of the cutting-edge micro inverter solar PV systems which are a reliable and environmentally friendly power source which can save you thousands on your power bills.

Soaps Electrics Air & Ice is aligned with the Clean Energy Council and can install solar systems to cater for all sizes and applications.

We provide several solar options including the latest in solar micro inverter technology. The micro solar systems installed by Soaps Electrics Air & Ice have many more benefits than normal string solar systems.

Some of the many benefits of the micro inverter solar compared to the conventional string inverter systems include:

  • Enhanced performance through the use of the latest technology which ensures that you receive the maximum energy yield from your solar system.
  • 24/7 online monitoring via mobile, tablet or through any internet connection so that you can see how your system is performing and if your system has issues or faults that can be easily troubleshooted which increases the reliability of your system and ensures you are getting the most out of your panels. This monitoring is not an option with conventional string inverter systems so if there is a problem with the system it would be hard to detect.
  • Safer – The micro inverter solar systems are much safer than traditional systems as the micro inverters are connected by standard AC wiring which eliminates fire risk that can occur in traditional inverter systems. This makes the micro inverter system a much safer option for your family home or business. A conventional string inverter system uses dangerous high DC voltage typically ranging between 300-600V DC. The major problem with DC voltages in solar systems is that they cannot be circuit protected like regular 240V AC circuits, as the DC circuit is designed to operate at the full short-circuit current of the solar panels.
  • Shade tolerant – Each panel of a micro inverter solar system operates individually so if there is shade over one panel the rest of the solar system is not affected. If shade is covering one panel of a conventional string inverter system, the whole system is affected which reduces the output of the system dramatically.
  • More warranty – our micro inverter systems have 10 years warranty on the inverters and 25 years warranty on the panels.
  • Easily expandable – simple to add additional panels to expand the capability and performance of your solar system.
  • Simple design – The installation process is much simpler than the string inverter systems and Soaps Electrics Air & Ice can check your system performance at any time to ensure you are getting value for money.

For micro inverter systems Soaps Electrics Air & Ice use and recommend Enphase Energy micro inverters, the world’s largest and longest producers of micro inverters. For Further information visit their website at

If you would like to learn more about the micro inverter solar systems and to get a free quote, please contact Soaps Electrics Air & Ice today to arrange a time to discuss your solar needs and get a system especially designed for your home or business.