Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

Soaps Electrics Air & Ice can supply and install air conditioners to your home, office or business using quality brands such as Daikin.

Our Electricians/Refrigeration Mechanics at Soaps Electrics Air & Ice are fully licensed through the Australian Refrigeration Council. Our qualified technicians can assist you in getting the correct size system for your needs as well as position them in the correct location to ensure you get maximum cool airflow throughout your rooms.

We can supply you with your new air-conditioners. We can remove your old air-conditioning systems and replace them with new air conditioners to ensure your home or business is kept cool in the warmer months.

If you are building a new home and wish to have split system or cassette air-conditioners installed, contact us to discuss your needs and we will recommend the right size systems as well as liaise with your builder throughout the building process to ensure your air-cons are neatly installed in your new home.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Soaps Electrics Air & Ice also services and cleans split system/ cassette/ ducted air-conditioners to ensure they are working to their full potential and that they are producing clean air to your rooms.

Air conditioners that are not cleaned and are poorly maintained will be insufficient, use more energy, can be prone to breakdown problems and also can be dirty and unhealthy.

Did you know that most air conditioner manufactures recommended that your air-conditioners get a full Service and Clean every 6 months?

Why? Three main reasons are briefly described below:

1 – Save on Your Electricity Bills

When your split system air conditioner is dirty inside it will have to work harder and use more power to cool the room to the desired temperature because it has a build up of dust, mould and bacteria (essentially chocked up deep inside your unit!)

2 – Your Split System Air Conditioner will Last Longer

Just like if you didn’t regularly service your car – you wouldn’t expect it to last very long would you? It is no different for your investment in your split system air conditioners. A regularly serviced and maintained air conditioner is going to last much longer than one that never serviced.

3 – Microbial Contamination

This includes bacteria, mould and fungi – seeing as air conditioners are moist and humid it is the perfect environment and breeding ground for such contaminates. Of course these become airborne every time you switch on your air conditioner which can be a major health hazard.

Most consumers are not aware that just cleaning filters is NOT enough – this is only a very simple maintenance procedure and a deeper more thorough professional clean is necessary.

What we do:

  • Fully clean & deodorise filters / indoor housing
  • Check Air Flow
  • Remove and Clean Filters
  • Remove and clean all plastic fascia/s
  • Hydro-Clean Scroll Fan and Surround
  • Hydro-Clean evaporator (coil)
  • Clean and Check drain/s
  • Dry clean all electrical components (PC Boards)
  • Reassemble split system air conditioner
  • Sanitise indoor unit
  • Check supply and return air temperatures
  • Calibrate remote control

The above routine system air conditioner maintenance is highly recommended for all split system air

Soaps Electrics Air & Ice can design a maintenance schedule to meet our clients specific needs taking into account the Australian Standards, hours of use, location, building construction and the type and size of units.